Advertising Solution – Marketing Tool for 21st Century Business Branding

Business advertising has become quite complex due to the plethora of media platforms from which to choose. Should a business stay with traditional advertising media, such as, TV, radio, newspaper, magazines, coupons, and of course the yellow pages; or maybe something a little more 21st century; an internet site, social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube? Well it could be a difficult choice. Which one to choose to help your business grow?Before deciding, let’s mention there is a media platform, which is truly a 21st century advertising phenomenon, which is available to help grow your business.The telephone, yes that landline device which is connected by wires allowing your customers to contact your business the old fashion way. Oh, we were talking 21st century, well cut the line make the phone small and mobile, let’s add a screen, internet service, and add the ability to do multifunctional tasks. We will call this phone a smartphone.Now we are going to design a multifunctional interactive business-advertising platform. It will display photos and images of your choice, provide information regarding your business, multiple links to connect to your business social media websites, Google maps to locate your business, one button dialing to call your business, and the ability to go viral when customers forward your app to family and friends. We will call this an app.It doesn’t stop there, with your customer’s opting-in to receive SMS text alert messages; businesses will be able to notify them of promotions or special offers.This multifunctional advertising app may appear in many different forms with varying functions, with the power to directly connect businesses to their customers. Once your customers download your business-advertising app on their smartphone it stays in their phone. It remains there ready to be awakened by your next advertising campaign or when your customer activates the app to check out your latest promotion.How easy is it to upload a business-advertising app? Well it can be as easy as scanning a QR code with a smartphone; QR code is similar to a barcode as seen on consumer products. Now your customer is tethered to your business.Apps are here and they are being use as a powerful advertising tool. Businesses now have the ability to connect with their customers with an inactive advertising mobile marketing platform.Businesses will find that they need a business-advertising app to stay competitive; customers will expect it. Just as customers search for coupons of their favorite businesses that they patronize, they will now be looking for your business app.Advertising apps are a 21st century advertising tool. Businesses now have a powerful interactive advertising tool, which will reside in their customer’s pocket or purse. Once your customers walk out your doors they will be tethered to your business.Apps are powerful and if use in combination with other advertising media platforms, apps will enhance business growth and will now give businesses the ability to keep connected with their customers.Although choosing an advertising media can be challenging, a business-advertising app will be one of the most powerful advertising tools a business may choose.